About The Author

Robert Clay Norman, a fourth generation Californian, traces his American ancestry back over four hundred years. Robert is a direct descendant of a Mayflower passenger,

Robert holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in American Studies from the University of South Florida. Bob has owned the same Harley Davidson motorcycle for over forty years, and was a chopper rider in Northern California for much of that time. He likes classic cars of the 50’s and 60’s, classic cinema, old time rock n roll, and any movie featuring Lee Marvin. Robert Clay has an affinity for U.S. military history in general, and Civil War soldiers in particular. Bob maintains a close devotion to homemade milkshakes, Southern biscuits and gravy, Asian cooking, and Mexican beer. His favorite color is plaid. Favorite authors include David McCullough, Rick Atkinson, and William Davis.

Robert now lives and works in Tampa, Florida, with his wife, daughter, and son. Other residents of the property include two cats, a dog, four feral cats, Blake the opossum, Magil the raccoon, and an armadillo named Barbarosa.